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You Don’t Have to Be Born Intelligent to Succeed !

There are numerous tactics for how to be successful in life, but the approach that works best for us may depend on our view of success itself. Our interpretation of what success is exactly may differ, but many might describe it as being fulfilled, peaceful, safe, healthy, and loved. It is the ability to attain our goals in life, whatever those aims may be.

Often we are awestruck at the various instances showcasing the intelligence of multiple people. Right, from reading how some people have a photographic memory and can repeat everything they may have studied since their childhood. Or how an adolescent was able to complete his doctorate in Science.

We begin to presume that high levels of intelligence are more the outcome of nature rather than upbringing. But that's not the scenario.

The fact is, we are all blank papers when we arrive here on earth. Sure, we acquire a few things from our ancestors, but eventually, our futures depend on our business ethic. There are plethora of brilliant personalities in the world who never amount to something significant, only because they lacked the ambition to cultivate their inherent capabilities and intelligence.

While there are people who had the odds against them and went on to do extraordinary things, people aren't born intelligent. People master how to work with what they have got and become evident as a result. The following are some of the ways we can hone our intelligence and achieve our goals.

Regular Reading

It is a seldom occurrence that what we are saying comes from our brains. We share our knowledge and expertise, which we accumulate via experience, but most of it comes from sources like reading.


Reading is just like a skill, which we tend to forget if there is a substantial gap when a person had last read to present day. Reading quality books, both fiction and non-fiction can help you harness your intelligence.

Choosing Your Companions

Friends, motivators, influencers are significant in one's life and has to be selected accordingly. If one wants to learn and achieve more than what they already hold, then choose the company of people smarter than oneself, this is the first step. These are the people that can infuse their drive, their knowledge, their awareness into us. It raises the standard we hold for ourselves. They stretch our brain in ways we cannot imagine as they raise the bar in a discussion.

Best Kept Secret! Make Mistakes

People who understand how critical intelligence is nurtured also surmise that "mistakes" don't exist. Every failure is an opening to discover yourself, learn a lesson, progress, and move ahead. Hence, we can say that one has to shift their mentality away from fretting mistakes and instead, welcoming them because they explain to us what we need to correct, what we need to learn next, and how we can initiate the growth process.

Accumulate as much Knowledge as Possible

There is no choice when gathering knowledge or learning about something new. Because this is the same knowledge that will help you grow great heights. Be part of discussions that are out of your comfort zones, argue about a topic that is different than your area of expertise. Smart people adopt these random minutes of learning and see them as possibilities to develop who they are and their perception of the world.

Work Harder

Becoming intelligent is not a cakewalk and cannot be done in a jiffy. One has to accept that they have to work extremely hard to achieve their goals and be successful. Learning and growing should be fun, and one should appreciate what it is they are trying to make, but they should not have a misconception that it will be simple to achieve.

Working hard is the key to success, as the more we are able to work towards make a dream reality, the faster we are able to achieve that dream.

In order to be successful, all of us require to have some schedule and restraint. Intelligent people make it a point to follow the routine, encourage themselves, and force themselves to work hard, push their limits to remain in a constant state of growth.

This is the key to growth and intelligence in general. It doesn't just "appear." Rather, it takes commitment.
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