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Everything is possible. Even what we think is impossible!

Positivity + Determination = Everything is possible !

Everything is possible. Even what we believe to be impossible. A true example of the above statement is the underdog story of a football team from the island nation of Madagascar. Until a few days ago one could only associate the island with an animated movie. But not anymore ! The football team from the island nation also known as Barea (a species of zebu cattle they chose for their nickname) have garnered the limelight with the display of their tactical defense and goal strategies.

Barea’s have inspired millions with their story. It can be stated that there is nothing in this world which is note achievable, although it may seem impossible when observed from any and every angle at presentbut we have to hang on to our positivity and determination to work towards achieving the goal. We may say that hard work is pertinent but once armed with a go get attitude, impossible can be erased for sure.

The team, which was making its debut at the Africa Cup of Nations 2019, secured wins against Burundi, Nigeria and Democratic Republic of Congo, historically reaching the quarterfinals. The journey the Barea’s made from being an inexperienced team, to today being awarded with the rank of Knight of the Malagasy National Order displays that experience is just a word when it comes to achieving success. Individuals from all walks of life need to believe that everything is possible on the off chance that they attempt and continue striving towards the light at the end of the tunnel. We all have fears in us which try to demotivate us ; it can be the fear of failing or being rejected or even being criticized.

But, at this point you have to question yourself if you want it, and want it bad! You have to believe that it is time for you to fight back and arise from the bubble of rejection that you have surrounded yourself with. You have to go and get it; failure does not mean end of the road. Failure means you tried, and it is time to change your approach and walk towards another path.

When the Barea’s came on the field they had their eyes set on the goal post and a determination in them of walking off victorious from the field. They played with a positive attitude and determination and altered their course of actions.

We can too ! Just with positivity and determination, everything is possible.

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